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Hear From Our Customers

    Very fresh seafood. In particular, the huge pomfret was tender and super fresh. The best I have eaten so far.. Just simple steam and minimal seasoning needed. Crayfish is succulent and comes with roe. Highly recommended!

    Dr Seng Chusheng

    Ordered quite a few different items. Requested for deshelling and deveining of prawns as well as separate vacuum seal packaging for easy access and cooking. Everything requested was done nicely and cleanly by Benjamin and Team. Very very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend VitaminSeafood for all your seafood GOTOs and I definitely will return for more soon! 👍👍😃

    Nanthini Raman

    The best shop to buy seafood in Singapore. Bought wild balai threadfin (Premium Grade). Fish was very fresh and well packed. Staff very honest and helpful. Fast response and delivery. Thank you so much! Definitely recommend them and will buy from them again!

    Kato Seng

    We ordered the Signature Bundle and were impressed first by the service/communication and how fresh every item was (fresh catch predawn and delivery way before noon). We steamed the salmons that evening and I must say I have never tasted a fresher and more delicious salmon dish!


    Kudos to Gen-3 for growing the family business from strength to value with the expansion online. I can see the brand going very far under the capable hands of the young while firmly grounded in values and principles established by its founders. :=)

    Audrey Tan

    Bought the Batang steaks, and they came on time despite the rain. Each piece was individually shrink-wrapped, and as fresh as can be. I recommend them, and will do more purchases in the future. 👍

    Adam Low

    It was a new experience ordering fish from online, however the fish ordered was very thick and juicy, and it tasted really fresh and delicious! Also, the seller was really friendly and helped me alot with recommendations with my order. 5 stars, would definitely come back and order again.

    Gabriel Chung

    Thank you for the delivery. The salmon is so good, very fresh and nicely packed. My colleagues and I ❤ it so much.

    Celia Chian

    I am their regular customer at their stall for more than 20 years already, they only sell fresh and good quality seafood, they have never failed me. Very highly recommended, they are friendly, helpful and honest!


    Ordered salmon fish bones from them to make fish broth. Even though they are just bones, but can tell that the fish is fresh by the remnants of flesh that are on the bone. Definitely will get again! Thank you :)

    Shannon Tan

    Fresh seafood and timely delivery! Constantly has flash deals! Highly recommended.

    Yong Chao Erh

    Seafood is fresh. Customer service is patient and helpful. Definitely will purchase again.

    Yeesieng Tan

    Honest seller. Quality and Fresh fish at reasonable prices!

    Aloysius Chew

    How pleasantly surprised! Initially, when I chanced upon the website, I have our reservations on whether the seafood products can meet my expectations. But I was assured by the boss with his customer centric service and prompt replies. Order online was a breeze and delivery was superb. My husband and I found the sotong, batang and prawns most amazingly fresh and tasted splendid! We will certainly come back for order and recommend to friends too!

    Jade Nguyen

    Fresh fish and good service. Highly recommended to all especially busy mommy.

    Cryss Ong

    The seafood is fantastic; very fresh & sweet! Good service and fast delivery. We will definitely buy from them again.

    Anna Yeoh

    Seafood are fresh although made last minute order, seller managed to arrange delivery next day in the morning. Pleasant transaction, will deal again..

    ramllah Tambi

    Swift delivery and fresh seafood! professionally packaged too!

    Shen Lin

    Seafood is fresh and service is good👍

    Bee Bee

    Ordered their seafood two days ago, and it arrived within the expected time frame! Each item was nicely vacuum-packed too. My transaction went smoothly thanks to the attentive seller who patiently answered my questions. I used their fresh king mackerel to make a pan-seared, lemon butter-basted fish and paired it with my handmade pesto sauce for lunch today - the fish was extremely fresh and succulent! Overall, the service was impeccable and will definitely order again :) Highly recommend everyone to try their products!


    Great service! Ben accepted the order despite it being last minute. Seafood was fresh and tasty and it was delivered on time... 👍

    Keith Soh