Special Bundle
Special Bundle

Special Bundle

Our premium seafood selection includes our superb gelatinous grouper, silver pomfret, fresh live prawns, salmon fillets, and batang fish steak. All of our seafood is fresh and of the highest quality. Pre-order our special bundle today!
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Special Bundle consists of the following items:

  • Live Premium Grouper [650-750g] x 1
  • Fresh King Batang Steak [200-250g] x 2
  • Fresh Silver Pomfret [450-550g] x 1
  • Fresh Salmon Fillet [150-200g] x 2
  • Fresh Live Prawns [500g]

Special note for our Premium Grouper: Requires a longer steaming time of 25-35mins to bring out the collagen of the fish. You'll get to enjoy the smooth jelly-like texture!

Free Next Day Delivery subject to availability & freshness guaranteed (on the spot refund if not fresh) upon arrival at your doorstep.

Get your daily dose of vitamins with us and stay healthy! 

All of our fishes will be descaled, de-gutted and cleaned before being individually sealed/vacuum-packed for maximum freshness.



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