Fresh Premium Salmon (Whole / Half)
Fresh Premium Salmon (Whole / Half)
Fresh Premium Salmon (Whole / Half)
Fresh Premium Salmon (Whole / Half)
Fresh Premium Salmon (Whole / Half)
Fresh Premium Salmon (Whole / Half)

Fresh Premium Salmon (Whole / Half)

Far up north, above the Arctic Circle, you find sharp-edged mountains cutting deep into the ocean. Our Salmon lives there in the deep, cold and wild Arctic oceans which creates an arctic effect. This results in a stronger and healthier salmon with a premium and refreshing taste. Uniquely shaped by nature! Moreover, our fresh salmon are air-flown to Singapore to maintain their freshness.
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Half Salmon
Whole Salmon
Steak Cuts
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The estimated weight of our half salmon is 3kg.

Estimated weight of our whole salmon is 6kg.

Sizes vary daily. In the event that the fish is smaller, we will transfer the difference to your account with store credits. If the fish is bigger, we will request for top-ups to be made.


Important Notes:

  • Do note that weight range provided is before any descaling, de-gutting and cleaning of the fish. The whole fish will belong to you - inclusive of fish bone, fish head, and all the meat!
  • Selecting Half means we will give you half of the whole fish.
  • Selecting fillet means that we will fillet and portion the fish, and pack them individually. The fish head will be cut in half. We will return you the big bones which can be used.
  • Selecting steak cut means that we will chop the fish into appropriate size of steaks. (The tail portion will be filleted) The fish head will be cut in half.
  • The colour of salmon meat varies, depending on what they feed on in the sea as it lives in the wild cold arctic ocean.
Seafood Concierge Service

Looking for the freshest seafood in town? Or maybe you want to request something that's not listed on our website? Our Seafood Concierge Service is here to help!

We don't just sell fish, we tailor it according to your needs.


How it Works:

At VitaminSeafood, we provide customised service to all our customers. You can indicate your specific request during checkout. 

For whole fishes, we descale, degut and clean the fish properly before vacuum-packing it.

The following can be done upon request: butterfly your fish / cut the whole fish into steaks/fillets on both sides.

For fillets, we can do the following upon request: de-skin / cut into cubes / small portions for babies.

You can also contact us via WhatsApp to tell us what you're looking for. We'll get back to you with pricing and delivery options. Once you approve, we'll send you a custom order link to complete the payment.


For express service, WhatsApp us at 9637 5059.