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Korean Clam
Korean Clam

Fresh La La Clams 啦啦

After taking in feedback from our customers, we have increased the weight range to 800-850g. Do also note that although we help to soak the clams for you (吐沙)before delivery for your convenience, there may still be sand because we can't control all the la la clams to spit the sand out. But be assured that our daily fresh la la clams will definitely be tastier than frozen ones!
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Fresh LaLa Clams in Singapore 啦啦

Enjoy the fresh, juicy, and chewy taste of our daily-caught lala clams in Singapore! Succulent and versatile, use them in Sambal La La, Clam Chowder, Tom Yum Soup, Seafood Soup, Garlic Butter Clams, Pasta…the possibilities are endless!


Benefits of Fresh Lala Clams in Singapore

In Singapore, people love eating fresh lala, mainly due to their chewy texture and great taste. Also known as clams, they are loaded with nutrients, iron, and protein and are low in fat. Fresh lala is known to be full of Vitamin C which is an essential nutrient for your body as it helps in maintaining skin, joints and more. Being a great source of Vitamin B12, lala can help with the production of red blood cells, and protein in the body. Baked lala also carries high amounts of potassium, which helps in reducing high blood pressure. It is also advised to consume enough iodine in your diet, as our bodies do not make this nutrient. If you are not getting sufficient iodine, consuming seafood like fresh lala that have this mineral trapped in their bodies can fulfil the requirement of your body.


Weight: About 700-750g

Local Chinese Name: 新鲜啦啦

Country Of Origin: Malaysia

Vitamins & Nutrients:

Source of choline and protein

Provides DHA and EPA Omega-3

A Rare Non-Plant Source of Vitamin C

Rich In Iodine and Selenium


Cooking methods: boiled, soup, steamed, stir-fry, baked, grilled.


Buy Fresh Lala Clams Online in Singapore

At VitaminSeafood, we aim to deliver fresh lala clams to your doorstep in Singapore. Without moving an inch from your home, you get to taste the best quality seafood hand-picked every day by our experts. Not just fresh lala clams, we have whole fishfilletfish steak, and a lot more variety, all available at premium quality, freshly caught from the ocean and delivered to your doorstep in Singapore. We offer free delivery when order meets minimum spend so that you can enjoy fresh seafood at home.

Seafood Concierge Service

Looking for the freshest seafood in town? Or maybe you want to request something that's not listed on our website? Our Seafood Concierge Service is here to help!

We don't just sell fish, we tailor it according to your needs.


How it Works:

At VitaminSeafood, we provide customised service to all our customers. You can indicate your specific request during checkout. 

For whole fishes, we descale, degut and clean the fish properly before vacuum-packing it.

The following can be done upon request: butterfly your fish / cut the whole fish into steaks/fillets on both sides.

For fillets, we can do the following upon request: de-skin / cut into cubes / small portions for babies.

You can also contact us via WhatsApp to tell us what you're looking for. We'll get back to you with pricing and delivery options. Once you approve, we'll send you a custom order link to complete the payment.


For express service, WhatsApp us at 9637 5059.