Barramundi Fish Head
Barramundi Fish Head

Barramundi Fish Head

Who says you can't have a head on your plate? 🤣 Our fresh fish heads are perfect for a nutritious and delicious meal. These fish heads at VitaminSeafood are based on daily availability, so you know you're getting fresh ones only. Whether you steam them, cook them curry-style, or make them into soup, these fish heads are sure to please. Try our fresh fish heads today!
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Fish heads are based on daily availability as we only use fresh fish heads.

Weight range for barramundi fish head: 1.3-1.5kg (varies based on daily catch)

Fish bones, brains, cartilage and fat are nutritious, containing extra-high levels of vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and calcium.

We will help you to cut the fish head into halves or smaller pieces based on your selected preference.

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