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Whole Fish

Fresh Whole Fish Delivery in Singapore

For centuries, fish has always been cooked and served on the bone, and for good reason. The flesh is sandwiched between fatty skin and a gelatin-rich backbone which drastically improves the flavour profile of the fish. Keeping the fish whole will keep the fish juicier and moist and will be less likely to dry out. Buy the freshest range of seafood including fresh whole fish online in Singapore from VitaminSeafood. We are one of the most reputed online seafood retailers providing daily fresh, premium-quality seafood. Our team of fish experts handpicks only the best quality seafood and whole fish at Fishery Port every day. We procure and deliver a vast range of fresh whole fish across Singapore. Explore our range of delicious whole fish online and place your order, and we will deliver it to you cleaned and packed so that you are all set to serve it up to your family or friends the way they love it the most. 


Benefits of Fresh Whole Fish

Whole fish is considered one of the healthiest foods for the numerous health benefits it provides. Fresh fish is high in Omega-3 fatty acids,  and protein, and are low in calories. When cooking fish, besides sliced fish which is convenient to cook, whole fish that come intact with the skin and bones packs a flavourful punch injecting any dish with the fresh taste of the ocean. This is because fresh whole fish retains its flavour and moisture easily. Whole fish is also easy to cook and tastes great no matter how you cook it. You can fry it, grill it, poach it, steam it, bake it or boil it, whatever cooking method you opt for, its mild and delicate flavours and aromas and buttery taste are sure to impress.


Fresh Fish Delivery in Singapore

Our fresh fish delivery service across Singapore is specially designed for discerning customers who want their seafood delivered fresh straight to their homes. For whole fishes, we descale, degut and clean the fish properly before vacuum packing it. Through our Seafood Concierge Service, you can order fresh fish and specify how you would like us to prepare your fish before packing it for delivery.


Get Fresh Whole Fish Delivery in Singapore

Find yourself questioning where to buy fresh fish in Singapore? You can call your search off. Order daily fresh fish online from VitaminSeafood. We ensure that our customers get the best of the best when it comes to fresh seafood including fresh whole fish, fish steak, fish fillets, and fish slices. We also offer a selection of healthy snacks, if you are looking for some sweet treats. Get your daily dose of natural vitamins and minerals with our fresh seafood delivery in Singapore. Get amazing deals on fresh whole fish delivery with our online seafood sale.

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