Loin Bone 龙骨
Loin Bone 龙骨
Loin Bone 龙骨
Loin Bone 龙骨
Loin Bone 龙骨

Loin Bone 龙骨

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🐖 100% Daily Fresh Pork, Never Frozen!

Loin Bone comprises both loin meat and marrow-rich bone, providing essential nutrients for the body. Ideal for enhancing stews, soups, and simmering dishes, it adds both flavor and nutrition to your meals. Our butchers meticulously select and prepare the meat every morning at 3:30 am, guaranteeing freshness.


Cooking Guide: 

  • Blanch the pork for 2-3 mins, before cooking.


Storage Guide:

  • Chiller: Vacuum packaging extends freshness up to 2 days.
  • Freezer: Can be stored for up to 6 months.


Pro Tip for Safe Handling:

  • Avoid washing the pork before cooking to prevent bacterial splashing.
  • We highly recommend cooking the pork without washing it to minimise any risk of cross-contamination.


Source: Sarawak, Malaysia. Our pork is sourced daily to ensure safety and quality, especially in light of recent concerns regarding swine fever.

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